California Institute of Technology Admissions 2024

With a 3% acceptance rate, admissions at California Institute of Technology are extremely difficult. A minimum GPA is not necessary for admission to the graduate program at California Institute of Technology. On the other hand, most of the accepted applicants are in the top 10% of their class or have a GPA of 3.5 (89–90%) on a 4.0 scale. A minimum of 75% aggregate and an IELTS score of 7.0 or TOEFL score of 100 are needed for admission to undergraduate programs.

At Caltech, 2401 students were enrolled for the class of 2025. 718 international graduate students make up the 29.94% of international students enrolled overall. The California Institute of Technology offers 28 undergraduate programs for entrance, and 30 graduate degree programs for acceptance. At Caltech, the most popular courses are in chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering. The following table lists the prerequisites for admission to some of the best postgraduate programs at California Institute of Technology.

Deadlines for California Institute of Technology Admissions

Deadlines for graduate programs at California Institute of Technology range from November 15 to January 1, depending on the program. The general deadlines for overseas students applying to Caltech’s undergraduate admissions program in 2024 are listed below:

California Institute of Technology’s Top Programs

Students at Caltech can offer courses in any of the six divisions. The university accepts applications from overseas students as long as they fulfill the official academic documentation criteria, deadlines, and admissions eligibility standards of California Institute of Technology. Caltech offers graduate courses in a number of disciplines, including computer science, physics, bioengineering, medicine, and aeronautics.

The prerequisites for admission to Caltech’s top postgraduate programs are listed here.
The Institute of Technology in California prerequisites for UG classes
For Caltech admissions, domestic and international applicants must submit similar applications; the only difference is that overseas applicants require additional supporting documentation.

Engineering and Applied Science, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Biology and Biological Engineering, and a few additional programs are offered as undergraduate courses at California Institute of Technology. The following are the fundamental criteria for California Institute of Technology undergraduate program admissions:

Common App or QuestBridge Application is the application portal.
Application Fee: $5,920 INR or $75 USD

Qualifications for Entrance:

official transcripts (straight from your high school; desirable but not needed) with an overall score of at least 75%
An inventory of extracurricular pursuits
a duplicate passport
An accounting statement
Individual Essay
A tutor in math or science and a tutor in the humanities or social sciences will evaluate the teacher.
Scores for English language proficiency: TOEFL iBT-100
ETS: 7.0

Decision Regarding Admission to California Institute of Technology Offers of admission are made when the faculty has had a chance to review each applicant, and the timeline for each academic option varies.

Notifications to applicants may be sent at any point between the April 1 deadline and the submission deadline. Offers are made as soon as feasible by the admissions committee of the California Institute of Technology to provide students the opportunity to weigh graduate education at Caltech against options at other universities.

Selection Criteria for California Institute of Technology

With an admittance rate of under 3%, California Institute of Technology is among the most competitive and selective universities in the United States. It is recommended that prospective graduate students maintain the high cumulative GPA and excellent undergraduate grades necessary for graduate admittance. After the deadlines, graduate applicants should anticipate hearing back from their application within two to three weeks.

It is advisable for graduate applicants to take the GRE and have outstanding results, even though certain graduate programs may not need it, because admissions to California Institute of Technology are extremely competitive. Students who get offers from the California Institute of Technology will receive an acceptance letter.

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